Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Response To Racist AJ User

                 Response To Racist AJ User

Ok so I am White, Native American, and many other things. So this guy in school came up to me today in my class but ran away. He later sent me a jam-a-gram saying that I was stupid, dumb and ugly just because I wasn't just white. Here are some reasons that his jam-a-gram made no sense. First of all, mixed race babies are beautiful! Second, I can be doing a Native American dance on Sunday and be doing a Irish one on Monday! Also, don't dumb and stupid mean the same thing? Also, he knows he can get banned, right???? If you agree with me, then ok, but if you don't, my blogs will seem senseless to you, so sorry. 
But it's your girl, Zoey104, and today is Many Things Monday!

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Story of Greely's Daughter: Alonena

Once upon an alpha, Greely saw an arctic wolf out of the corner of his eye. He loved her instantly. Suddenly, after a while, a baby girl was born. We call her a Snow Wolf. They had made their own language, and decided to name her Alonena, which meant " Beautiful" in their language. The girl was taught at home and suddenly, the third phantom war happened! When her father, Greely, went out to fight, he died leaving the arctic wolf, Snowflake, all alone. Suddenly, another wolf just like Greely came along after 10 years. Alonena was 11 at the time. She was quite a beauty and even her father thought she was very beautiful. Her mother and the wolf just like Greely died. She was left all alone. She cried and her tears became blue flames.
Check Back For Part 2 On This Coming Saturday! It's Officially Name Story Saturday! Check Back Also For Scamming Sunday!

Animal Jam: Stupid Update

Ok lol! So I was talking to my friend and he suddenly said "What's new in Jamaa?" I was very confused. Apparently, it's a useless attempt to have us talk more about Jamaa then roleplay and stuff. It doesn't happen to members sadly. AHHQ, either the members get to have it or it got to go! Also members get everything. I making music video on Saturday for shake it off! Shake it off off shake it off off lol. Also, my thoughts are with WootMoo for being hacked again. Also, I sent my first howler! I hope I win! Later guys! The permalink is for getting to your account to have some fun. Friend me, I'm selka3!

New Adventure: Bitter Sweets

This is a really cool adventure and easy. It's a pet adventure and nm can go too. So here is what you do. First, you just listen to the ghost guy. And go around destroying the prototype phantoms. Then collect all the candy for SWEET prizes! I have candy chairs/couches, candy makers and all sorts of stuff. There is a laboratory, a grave yard, a spooky forest, and more! So join in....... IF YOU DARE!! lol guys!

I GOT HACKED!!!!!!!!!

Ok ppl. So I was out with my parents to McDonald's and I used my tablet to log in. But,  it wouldn't let me. So, I changed my password and everything multiple times and finally I got in long enough to take all my rares off and send them to my friend to keep them. However, I lost all my betas and all my nm rares. WisteriaMoon lost a magenta furry and WootMoo lost everything.  AJHQ, this needs to be fixed! My friend also got hacked and lost all her diamond items. He is mostly going after famous jammers but also normal jammers like me.  Julian2 got banned and he made his account again. Making a video for this. Also, if you have been hacked please comment. Here are some tips to stay safe.
1. Whenever you log off, disable your account.
2. Disable your trading and gifting for always. This way he can't trade or gift your items to his account.
3. Dress your animals completely unrare.
His username is wretchedjungle. He usually changes his username after one hacking period.  If you have any more tips comment below. www.anmaljam.com   Here is the link so you can protect your account.
I am sorry to had to make this but it is important. So sorry.

What the " Find Open World" button does

Ok so lol! I was very confused at first and I will make a video to go with this too. Say you were in Aldan and wanted to go to Jamaa Township, and the button was on. Then you go there, check to see Aldan, and find Congo instead. It takes you to a different world. Actually quite helpful! :)
Please comment and tell me if you want more. I am making video later this evening!!!