Monday, January 21, 2013

Jam-O-Gram Lag?

Hiya, Jammers!

With the new "write your own Jam-O-Gram" feature available to members, I've been sending more Jam-O-Grams than ever before! But... there's a little problem I've been having:

See that little loading symbol? Well, I waited patiently for it to go away, but it never did! It just kept loading and loading! I couldn't stop it! Have any of you had this problem, or is it just me?

And in other news! Rare Item Monday!

The Rare Fancy Top Hat is for sale today! Go buy it while it's still in Jam Mart Clothing!

Thanks for reading, Jammers!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hiya Jammers!

How are ya doin'? Wow, it's been such a long time! I've come back for a little to ask you a favor.

I know you guys enjoy reading my blog, and I'm happy you like me so much, but I would appreciate it if you didn't send me friend requests. I came on recently to find that I had over 100 requests! I'm sorry, but I can't accept all of them! I really love it when you send me Jam-O-Grams and gifts, but I just don't have enough room in my friends list for all of you! Thanks so much for giving me feedback!

If you want to send me a Jam-O-Gram or visit my den (which you are totally welcome to do), just search up my name!


You Jammers have no idea how much I appreciate your feedback and nice notes. I smile every time I get one, and it makes me happy that I get to help you guys. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go see what I've missed! 

Thanks for reading, Jammers!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Dear Jammers,
I have some very bad news. I know how much some of you Jammers liked my blog, and I'm sorry to say that I will be unable to continue posting. School has gotten very busy lately, and I am one year away from graduating middle school. I hope you understand.
My blog will still be open to the public, but I will no longer be posting the new and exciting things in Jamaa. You can still surf through what I have left though!
Don't be discouraged, Jammers. There are plenty of great blogs still out there. Every 2 weeks, Jamaa grows a little more, and I am unable to keep up with both my schoolwork and AJ. Again, I hope you understand.

Goodbye, Jammers, and KEEP ON JAMMIN'!

You guys have been great! Don't worry, I'll still be going on AJ, just not as often as I used to. Send me a Jam-O-Gram if you want to! I'll try to reply.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Stuff! Week of 12/1/2011

Hiya Jammers!
AJ HQ has released new items and stuff for us!

All Around

               Happy Jamaalidays, Jammers!!!!

That's right, Jammers! The Jamaalidays are here! Winter is upon us, and Jamaa is celebrating with new decorations!

There are a few more awesome things that will only be available during this special time of the year. For instance, REINDEER!

Oh, and a new JAM-O-GRAM!!

Jamaa Township

Jam Mart Furniture: Along with the new Gingerbread Den, (which I am too lazy to take a pic of. lol) AJ HQ has released new Jamaaliday decorations!

Jam Mart Clothing: Finally! The old Jamaaliday bow and elf hat are back!


Nothing new!

Mt. Shiveer

Shiveer Shoppe: The snowman head and Jamaaliday wreath are back!

Serepia Forest

Serepia Theater: New movies can now be watched! Make sure to catch one with your friends!

Coral Canyons

Remember that strange construction project under the Coral Canyons waterfall? Well, all of our waiting had paid off! Jamaa's newest shop, Epic Wonders, is now open for business! From what I gather, it's a RARE shop! Rare items are now available in Epic Wonders. I'm not sure when new stuff will be brought in, but I'll keep an eye out!

It seems to be some kind of mystical cave, filled with magic and mysteries.

Temple of Zios

Mystery Emporium: You can now take River Race home!!

Brady Barr's Lab: As I was walking through Temple of Zios, I decided to visit the lab of our favorite NG scientist! I looked at the map on the wall, and guess what I found!
A mysterious question mark!!
Haha, I have a sparkly pet!
I decided to check it out, and found that Dr. Barr has decided to consolidate his answers to our questions and his normal videos into one space! Weird huh?
Where is the question box??

Don't worry, Jammers. You can still ask Dr. Barr your questions. All you have to do now is open the map and click "Ask Brady a question"!

Bahari Bay

Bahari Bargains: New items are available!

Kani Cove

Sunken Treasures: New den items! Yay!

Crystal Reef and Deep Blue

Nothing New Quite Yet!


Den Music: Two new soundtracks can now be played in your den!

Thanks for reading, Jammers. And have a happy Jamaaliday!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

New Suff!!!! Week of 11/17/2011

Hiya Jammers!
New stuff this week! Enjoy! If you have any questions or comments, don't be afraid to send me a message!

All Around

Pets: Yay! The day has finally come Jammers! You can now CHOOSE what your pet should look like! I'm npot talking choosing its symbols, I'm talking choosing its body parts, eye design, and colors!

Jamaa Township

Jammer Central: Jammer Central is now show casing more of our art!

Jam Mart Clothing: Jam Mart Clothing has brought back our beloved turkey hat! These awesome hats used to be very famous and rare, and some Jammers would do anything to get their paws (-er flippers- er- well... you know what I mean) on them!

Jam Mart Furniture: Jam Mart Furniture now has the new snowman and snowflake! The Jamaaliday spirit is in the air! 


Museum Den Shop: Everyjammers' favorite safari den shop now has a new item for sale!

Mt. Shiveer

Shiveer Shop: Guess what, Jammers? THE GLOVE IS NOW FOR SALE AGAIN! Grab your very own glove this week! It seems that AJ HQ has been sprinkling these babies throughout Jamaa's shops, so keep you eyes open!

Serepia Forest

Nothing new so far! Stay tuned in two weeks!

Coral Canyons

x2 Gems: The new location of times two is now at Long Shot!

Coral Mysteries!!! : As I was passing through Coral Canyons, I saw a HUGE structure looming behind the waterfall, so I went to take a closer look.

It looks like it will be a new shop! Maybe next week, AJ HQ will finish the construction so we can all see!

Temple of Zios

Mystery Emporium: Now you can grab all your buddies and play four-player Temple of Trivia!

Bahari Bay

Bahari Bargains: Now you can have your very own pearl necklace! This exquisite piece was created by Bahri Bay's own sea critters!

Kani Cove

Sunken Treasures: More items are available for purchase!

Crystal Reef and Deep Blue

Nothing's new here! Stay tuned in two weeks!

That's all for now Jammers, but stay tuned in two weeks for some new material!
Thanks for readin'!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Hiya Jammers! BIG news!
I just got a message fromn AJ HQ that Best Dressed is coming back!
 (Please see post below.) Please do your part and keep Coral Canyons open so that everyone can play! Wait your turn and if you can't, go to a less crowded server! Thanks Jammers!

New Stuff!! Week of 11/10/2011

Hiya Jammers!
Since I have been gone for a while, I haven't been exactly up to speed on the goings-on in Jamaa. PLEASE FORGIVE ME! If you'll just scroll down to the oct below, you'll see why. Anywayz...

But this time, I have decided to do my post a little differently. It'll be easier  fro all you Jammers to find the info that you're looking for. (And easier for me to type it!) This time, I'll be organizing the new stuff by land! Here goes:

Jamaa Township

All Around: Unfortunately, the Jamaa-wide celebration of Phantom day has ceased. Your last chance to grab all of the awesome Phantom decor, clothing, and other stuff has left. Oh, well!

Feast of Thanks: Yay! Have you seen the changing colors and falling leaves all around Jamaa? Autumn is here, and with Autumn comes the Feast of Thanks! This is a great time to hang out with your buddies on spend the day having fun and being thankful! Send your friend a new Feast of Thanks postcard! 

Jamaa Central: Jamaa Central now has more of our art! Check it out!

Jam Mart Clothing: More Oldies-But-Goldies are back for sale! Remember the old Indian headdress and bandana? They're now for sale again!

Jam Mart Furniture: The beloved fruit bowl is back!


Museum Den Shop: The new elephant topiary is available for purchase for just 400 gems!

Mt. Shiveer

Shiveer Shop: Two absolutely new things are available! The winter hood and jacket will keep your animal toasty warm in these chilly weeks!

Serepia Forest

Serepia Theater: Yay! Movies! New movies are in theaters!

Flag Shop: Awesome! Now you can represent your favorite place! New flags! Yaay!

Coral Canyons

Best Dressed: While I was walking around Coral Canyons, I saw this huge sign that said:
"Under Repair"

So I did a little snooping around to see what I had missed. It turns out that, while I was gone, AJ HQ had created a NEW GAME! I asked a bystander what was going on. 
"Oh, AJ HQ made a new game that was called Best Dressed. It's kind of like a fashion game."
I asked them why they might have closed it for repairs.
"I think too many people wanted to play it at once, so it kinda... crashed." I thanked them and left.

You see Jammers? THIS is why we need to learn to wait our turn! Just like during the Pet Madness, everyone wanted in first. Things like this WILL keep happening until we learn patience! In the future, if you notice that something has a long line, wait your turn, or, if you CAN'T wait, switch to a less-crowded server!

Temple of Zios

Brady Barr's Lab: New amazing videos have been given to us by Dr. Barr! Check them out! He has also been answering more of our questions! Thanks Dr.!
This is NOT a real foot! Just watch the vid to find out what it is!

Anyone else noticing that Dr. Barr has been focusing on the Ocean?

Mystery Emporium: A new game has been submitted to the Mystery Emporium!

Bahari Bay

Bahari Bargains: New underwater clothing is now available!

Kani Cove

Sunken Treasures: Jamaa's newest ocean now has more things for sale! It turns out that a new Sunken Ship den is now available! All of our underwater prayers have been answered! You can now play with your underwater animal in your den! 
Cool right?! I plan to save up for a new Sunken Ship den!

Crystal Reef

Flippers 'N Fins: YAY! I just found out that the new underwater pet store, Flippers 'N Fins, is now open for business! You can now buy your very own seahorse and lantern fish! (I KNEW this was going to happen!)


Den Music Shop: For all new Jammers, this shop can be reached by going to your den, clicking on the "Edit Your Den" button, and can be found on the top of your screen. Just click "Shop" and you're there!
The new soundtrack for Mt. Shiveer can be purchased and played in your den!

That's all for now, Jammers!
Keep on jammin'!

Oh, and BTW, if you see me walking around Jamaa, don't be afraid to say hi! My username is sandstorm68. You can also visit my awesome den by searching me and clicking "Visit Den" on my profile! See ya on Jamaa!